What’s for Valentine’s day 2012?

13 Feb

Dear grainddiction reader, ❤

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow! Too bad it’s Tuesday. Oh well. what can you do? Of course you can do something! You can bake 😛 and cure your monday blues at the same time lol

What’s on the menu for tomorrow? I’m sure you (or your boy/girl-friend) must have planned something 🙂 dining out to a nice restaurant or cooking a real romantic dinner at home or maybe watching romantic movie? Either way, I’m sure you have prepared well. As for me, I will be staying home alone 🙂 Enjoying my pretty cupcake and watching movie. I will be happy and satisfied, I’m sure ❤

Remember to take it easy at dinner 🙂 Here are some tips for tomorrow:

  1. Order a salad or soup as your entree. If you are ordering a bread or bruschetta, share it with your partner.
  2. Opt for steamed or grilled dishes whenever possible. You wouldn’t want to have oily lips tomorrow!! Trust me 😛
  3. Try your best to not add salt on the table. Bye-bye salt-shaker for tonight! Why? Because salt can make you bloated (attention ladies: not-so-flat-belly). So, it’s best to leave the salt. If you feel like you need more flavour, ask for extra herbs or blackpepper!
  4. Share the dessert 🙂 other plus point? be romantic. use only 1 spoon, and feed your partner. Spoil him/her for the night!
  5. Dance it away! You don’t need to go crazy with your hips. Just a gentle and romantic dance, a perfect way to end the night 🙂

Are you ready for tomorrow?


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