so this is how it feels to be a 3/4 dietitian! very happy and satisfied indeed!

3 May

hi everyone 🙂

how’s everyone doing these days?

I’m sorry I haven’t been very active in updating Grainddiction lately.. I just got a bit busy and haven’t really got time to do things!

I hope everyone is doing well, and not feeling too cold. It was a sunny day today, however last few days it was so cold. I guess the winter is approaching a bit sooner than usual.

Anyway.. this week is my last week of clinical placement. These past 5 weeks I have worked in a completely different setting, as part of a very great team.

I am so happy (very happy I can’t put it in words) for everything I have gone through, not only last 5 weeks, but also since the beginning of my placement.

I have always been imagining how it’s like to be a dietitian. You know. Dealing with patients, asking them what they eat, what they want to achieve, counseling patients, working together with patients, setting goals, etc. I have numerous dreams I can’t even remember when I imagined myself sitting in a consultation room with a client, or even in a hospital setting, educating them or simply giving dietary advice.

What I have never imagined was the feeling. The actual feeling of satisfaction and just happiness, to be able to help people and influence their way of life in a small way (but still  does make a lot of difference). I can tell you now, that it feels great.

It feels great when people actually listen and take your advice. It feels great when they actually see the results, too. When the scale number has come down, even by 1kg, not only the patient/client is happy but I am happy too!

I have also been running group educations these past 4 weeks. I was so terrified initially (I couldn’t sleep the night before I ran my first group education, I’m telling you!), but now I have become more comfortable in running group. I actually really enjoy running group educations!

It feels rewarding too, to receive positive feedback from everyone- my supervisors, nursing staffs, other staffs, and patients themselves. There is always still room for improvement, but hey! it’s not a bad start after all! I have achieved all my clinical competencies as an entry level dietitian! 🙂

At the end of the day, even though I might be physically exhausted, but I definitely feel satisfied. I know I have worked hard, and I know I have put my best effort in doing this.  I promised myself (and you!) to always learn to become better and better, no matter what stage I’m at!

I absolutely love being a 3/4 dietitian (LOL- not quite yet a dietitian, still another half a year to go) and I can’t wait to graduate and become a 100% fully accredited practicing dietitian!

I haven’t received any flowers from anyone in years. and yet I received one from a group of patients today!

This is such a beautiful artwork, made by a patient, who shares the same birthday as me. An early birthday present for me indeed 🙂

I made this Three Colours Steamed Cake for everyone in the department I have worked with. It’s delicious and healthy (the recipe make-over is coming soon! Stay tuned :))

Last but not least, I want to say thanks to everyone in the hospital, my supervisors, my department, nursing staffs who have helped me in many ways, and all of the patients! And you for reading my post and supporting Grainddiction! <3<3

Thanks for having me! 🙂 I’m a happy girl!


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