Caffeine- yes or no?

23 May

Hi everyone!

How are you going? Hope everyone is going well.. and happy. and sleepy? not?


Anyway, as you have already known (perhaps?), I am doing my work placement at the moment. Yes! being a dietitian 🙂 well, student dietitian!

Yes yes I get to use the bright pink ‘dietitian’ sticker next to my name ;P and write my own notes in the patients’ notes. And yes, I have been enjoying my placement so far. I am currently in my community placement, which means soon enough I will (I have to!) achieve all my competencies as an entry level dietitian! I am so excited! my last placement, I developed a few nutrition education resources. I have already made a few last semester, and I have already uploaded a couple in this blog (which reminds me that I still have to upload them for you guys!).

Well, this time around, I just want to share a resource I develop in caffeine.

Click on this link, Caffeine general population to check out the resource I developed!

Just a quick reminder, this resource has been developed for the intention of education only.


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