special diet lunchbox ideas- for mums, for students, for anyone!

9 Jul

Hi everyone 🙂

How are you today?

Hope you had a wonderful day today 🙂 It was a beautiful sunny day in Sydney.
I was lucky today as I got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather up in Central Coast.

Relaxing..soaking up the sun (vitamin D LOL) by the beach 🙂 It was so lovely!

Anyway, as I was sorting out my inbox tonight, I came across a newsletter from Weigh It Up, and I want to share it!

If you have not heard about it yet, Weigh It Up is an online weight loss and lifestyle program. It provides:

  • A simple and easy seasonal 8 week guide to weight loss; or build your own menu plans and shopping lists
  • Your own personal account page that monitors your progress, activities and measurements Weekly newsletters that keep you motivated, on track and informed
  • Recipes suitable for, or easily adaptable to, special dietary requirements including diabetes, vegetarian, allergies, intolerances, pregnancy and/or children
  • Dinner in a Dash – quick, easy meals on the table in minutes.
  • Recipe Makeovers – overhaul your favourite recipes and cookbooks and indulge without the guilt
  • Online forums where you can get advice from our experts and chat with other members

And the best part is… it’s FREE!

Check the website to register or if you want to know more: Weigh It Up Australia.

I came across this article- 5 special diet lunchbox ideas, which gives us ideas for gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free, nut free and egg free lunchboxes. It’s great because they include recess and lunch ideas as well as the recipes (click on the food name- it will take you to the recipe page).

Unfortunately, they only list one idea for each special dietary requirements. However, once you get the idea you can easily browse around yourself- go to their recipe ideas or even other websites!

This week is the best time for planning- as the kids are going back to school next week. Remember, if we allow extra time to plan ahead, we are able to provide healthy and tasty lunchboxes (we want to see the lunchboxes empty by the time the kids are home! no waste or leftovers hopefully!). At the same time we also save time, money and we become more organized! We can use the time for something else we enjoy- like reading, going to the gym, catching up with friends, gardening or blogging ;p

Hope it’s useful for you 🙂

The beautiful photo of Terrigal Beach- courtesy of Miss Grace Hasim. Thanks for the wonderful day trip! 🙂


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