to take-away or not? here are some healthy options!

21 Jul

Hey everyone 🙂

The topic of take-away seems to be a never-ending story (or debate?).

Should I take-away or not? Should I cook instead? but..hmm.. which one is healthy? cooking instant noodle or buying take-away? or…should I get a pizza instead? hmmm. or wait. I think I still have a couple of eggs and some leaves in the fridge. hmm..nahh, I think I want to have a pad thai instead. or chinese fried rice?

Have you ever been in that situation before? Well, I think everyone has! Let’s admit it and be practical. It’s normal and I have had that going on in my head, too! A little too often, I must say :p

Yes, it is not ideal to have take-away everyday. And I absolutely agree to that. However, it doesn’t mean you can never buy take-away! Life is about balance, isn’t it? So yes, of course take-away is part of it. The only question remain is which one is healthy?

I have developed a resource on healthy take-away options. In this resource, I have a few suggestions for specific cuisine, such as Italian, Thai or Chinese. So, if tonight you decide to have a lazy night and order take-away, please do your health a favour, have a look at this resource!

I really enjoyed developing this particular resource. It was fun!

I am really hoping you enjoy it too, and the most important thing, this resource could be useful for you. Please click To take-away or not to download and print (and stick it on your fridge!) 🙂

and when you start using this resource and find it useful why don’t you share it with your friends? and let me know, too! I’ll be so happy to know that this is useful to you!

Remember: take-away meals are not everyday meals. it’s an occasional meals, and always choose something healthier whenever possible!

So, what’s your favorite take-away?

This resource was developed for the intention of education only


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