a quick update on what I’ve learnt in past week!

13 Sep

hi everyoneee!

I miss you so much! I miss grainddiction heapsss. I’m so sorry I was missing in action for quite some time..
things have been all over the place and…well. you know the rest.
anyway.i’m back! and i’m ready to rock and roll LOL

how are you?
i hope you are well- i hope you’re not down with flu (like me). the weather was nice on the weekend but it’s raining and windy today. such a dramatic change- hence the flu kicks in.

today’s post won’t be too long- it’s more like a quick update from me- because i want to share with you all i have learnt in past week.
last week was the ICD week (International Congress of Dietetics). I am so lucky because this year it’s in Sydney and I had the opportunity to attend this wonderful event!
This congress happens every 4 years and the next ICD will be in Spain!

Now, I promised myself that I will work hard so that I can go to the next ICD in Spain 😉 after all, I have 4 years to save 🙂 I have no excuse, do I?!
It is an international event and yes- I got to meet dietitians from all around the world!! I was very excited!!!

I met Catherine Saxelby in person-from Foodwatch -yes yes yes ‘the’ Catherine Saxelby!!! the author of Complete Food and Nutrition Companion and Nutrition for Life and many other books. She’s so nice and friendly.

my friend Anastasia- Food with a Little Character, Catherine Saxelby and me!

I also met Emma Stirling of The Scoops on Nutrition and Ash Jones of Off-Duty Dietitian– proud Australian APD bloggers!! Unfortunately I did not take any picture with them, but I swear I met them 😉 It’s so nice to see and talk to them in person!! They are all very friendly!

I also met Carina Venter (UK)- author of Food Hypersensitivity- the expert in food allergy and intolerances. Also sat in one symposium by Sylvia Escott-Stump (USA) the author of the Krause’s Medical Nutrition Therapy- the textbook I had to study last year!!!

and many moreee! I met so many dietitians- too many to mention! I just wish that the ICD could last one day longer- with one extra day just to be allocated for social and networking day- that would be so awesome!


There are many things I have learnt in past week. And here are a few to mention:

  1. web-based weight loss program does work quite effectively! (woot woot- this is future trend for us dietitians to go online!) interestingly enough, male does better on online weight loss program than female!
  2. teleconferencing is another new way of delivering dietetics consultation! it’s feasible so long we have fast and secure connection. a study done in USA shows that teleconferencing was particularly beneficial for people who live in rural area.
  3. we have heard about low FODMAP diet in IBS symptoms management. wht’s new? low FODMAP feeds are currently associated with lower diarrhoea incidence in enteral nutrition patients.
  4. the mutation of MTHFR, low folate, elevated homocysteine: not only play role in spina bifida- but also associated with other diseases. nutrigenomics is another future opportunity in dietetic world.
  5. recent study has shown that there is no significant association between total high fat dairy consumption and CHD incidence. meaning? it doesn’t matter if you drink full fat milk, the recent study shows it does’t affect your risk of CHD incidence. HOWEVER this is still not conclusive. but very interesting to know! that study also shows that full fat cheese does not increase LDL cholesterol as much as butter does, in patients with high cholesterol level.
  6. there is a new malnutrition terminology- ‘micronutrient malnutrition’. sadly, it’s observed more in children in developing countries. they eat sufficient calories and foods, however they are lacking in vitamins and minerals. so unlike protein malnutrition where children are presented thin and stunted/wasted, micronutrient malnutrition children are often overweight, if not obese.
  7. there is an increase in rice allergy prevalence in Japan– which is also parallel to the increase in nut allergy in USA.
  8. there is a new product in the market called Kivia, which is a natural digestive health supplement derived from New Zealand green kiwifruit. This product claims to help keep regular and assist in reducing abdominal discomfort.
  9. pssstt!! there will be a new Pepsi in the market!! It will be called Pepsi Next– which is 30% reduced sugar (mixed with Stevia). we were lucky to try it last week- before it’s launched! it’s due for launching in 2 weeks.
  10. Smith’s potato chip range is now cooked in 100% high oleic sunflower and/or canola oil- removing 1,800 tonnes each year of saturated fat from the Australian food supply. Grain Waves, Cool Pak Popcorn and Red Rock Deli chips are all cooked in 100% sunflower oil.

so there we go- those are things I learnt last week.

I actually learnt a lot more than that- I just don’t want to bore you, I don’t want you to scroll my page down, get bored and navigate away LOL

so, i will keep you updated over next few posts! 🙂

have a good night everyone!

ps. i’m going back to the kitchen now- working on my Recipe ReDux for next week!! excited much?

Fast Ed- chef Ed Halmagyi cooking mushroom in the Australian Mushroom Grower’s Breakfast Seminar!

and that’s me! hihi 🙂


One Response to “a quick update on what I’ve learnt in past week!”

  1. Ash Jones APD (Off-Duty Dietitian) October 26, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    Hahah yes we definitely did meet! And it was a pleasure meeting you. 🙂

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