I’m okay..and eating a super delicious dairy-free lemon creme!

29 Sep

Hi everyone!


How are you today? How was your week?

Well.. why don’t I start with mine?

I had an ‘okay’ day today- spent a lot of time in the kitchen (baking- followed with by the wash-up :)) and cleaning the house.

My week? It’s been a long week! and stressful- I would say.

I’m currently at the end of my research semester- well in the last month- to be exact!

Good news? I have finished my data collection and now going through my analysis and report writing.

Bad news? I’m going crazy (my eyes especially). with the analysis and statistics! SPSS is my new best friend (forcefully hihi).

It is stressful I have to admit. But I really want to enjoy the moment. To be honest with you, I’m stuck with my analysis (hence all the baking and cleaning) ..

but..I guess it’s a reminder for me to take a break and write a blog post..and eat dessert 🙂 I will eventually get there (pumping up the positive minds into my brain)

So.. that’s my week. How was yours? I really hope you had a good week. Especially that the long weekend is finally here.

Plus it’s school holiday- so, all and all..the city has been a little bit emptier- except for this weekend- with the Swans winning the game today and the NRL final tomorrow? whew! I bet some bars and pubs are packed at the minute!


This lemon creme is dairy free- and it’s super delicious. SUPER DELICIOUS!

Got the recipe from Joy the Baker- click here for the link 🙂


It’s dairy-free and guess what’s the main ingredient?


Do I hear ‘euhhhhhh..’?

Are you rolling your eyes?

Do I hear sarcasm?


it’s super worth it- let me tell you! It’s superrr nicee! if somebody else makes this for you without telling you it’s tofu- you probably won’t notice!

It’s a great alternative to cheesecake- if you’re allergic or intolerant to dairy or if you’re a vegan (use agave nectar instead of honey)!

A few things I did differently from Joy- I didn’t add any coconut flakes in the crumble- and I used a dairy free spread instead of coconut oil. Nothing against them, it’s just my preference!

Enough said- I just want to eat this and close my eyess…

..and convince myself that.. I’m okay.

I’ll be okay.

I’ll get through my research!

Hope you will try it- and love it as much as I do 🙂


One Response to “I’m okay..and eating a super delicious dairy-free lemon creme!”

  1. Rose Taylor October 20, 2012 at 2:11 am #

    This sure is a delicious recipe I need to try! Just reading it makes my mouth water. Thanks for this recipe.

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