edible Christmas gift ideas

9 Dec

hello everyone!

hope all is well 🙂 the weather is so kind today, it’s such a beautiful sunny day outside.


can’t believe that Christmas is coming very very soon. where did the time go?

this time last year i was in Jakarta, Indonesia, my hometown, surrounded by my family and friends.

i miss them very much! not that i am not surrounded by lovely people here, i am lucky i have beautiful friends around me here, but it’s not the same. Christmas has been always a family time and being far from home only reminds me of how much they mean to me<3

life in 2012 has been so crazy for me. it’s been really hectic, packed with lots of emotional ups and downs. i think this time of the year is a great time to take a step back for a minute and reflect what we have experienced and learnt. and every year is different. i always feel that some years are just a normal quiet year, whilst some years are just full on and stressful. whether it’s the former or the latter- it’s you to decide. always remember though- whatever happened happens for a reason and it might not seem like the best thing for now, but i’m sure one day we will be able to look back and be grateful. after all- we always learn everyday through different experiences, meeting different people, and of course through mistakes. so don’t worry too much, bounce back and move forward, one baby step at a time. it is hard, i am laughing at myself for saying that because i am probably the one person who worries the most! ha!

the one thing i know would help is planning. i found that when i plan ahead, i worry less- because (i think) i have everything under control. 🙂

and to-do list! i love making to-do lists. i’m the queen of to-do lists. by friday, i already have my to-do list for monday and tuesday. i’m abnormal. LOL

okay. i promised you this is going somewhere.

as for Christmas, i have organized a small gathering for family and friends in my house. i have sent out a Christmas lunch invitations and also accepted all RSVPs. (two boxes of my to-do list: ticked!). so what’s left to do? of course planning the menu. but i haven’t thought this just yet.

today is about planning edible Christmas gifts. you see- what i love about Christmas is all the baking that comes with it. Christmas is a definite call to all the butter, sugar, flour and chocolates in the world. ;P when i was younger, every year, mum and I used to bake different cakes and cookies, and send them to our family and relatives. so, it’s kind of a tradition for me to be covered in flour and eggy smell. not very attractive huh?

anyway- i did not have time to fiddle with my own recipes for edible Christmas gifts- so I turned into these websites:

1. 24 Homemade Food Gifts by Country Living

2. Christmas Gifts: Homemade Food Gifts by Martha Stewart

I really like both websites because they give me ideas- what to make and also the packaging. i always find it difficult to choose the right packaging. and i do think that it plays an important role- it could give an extraordinary touch to our homemade gifts.

If you don’t want to worry about packaging, I would suggest you to try these for your Christmas gifts:

1. Cranberry, orange and pecan coffee cake by Joy the Baker. absolute love. gorgeous, gorgeous cake.

2. Dark chocolate, pistachio and smoked sea salt by Joy the Baker. sweet and salty- i’m sold!

3. Chocolate brownie cookies by Joy the Baker. two everyone’s ultimate favorites in one- who can resist?

dear oh dear- now i’m confused which to make first!

good luck everyone- and happy baking 🙂


disclaimer- both images were taken from the website referred above the image. 


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