monday (blue)berries!

10 Dec

hey everyone 🙂

how are we all tonight? experiencing monday blues?

i hope only few of us are feeling it.. i hope the rest of us are feeling alright- powering through the last few weeks before the holiday kicks in 🙂

i actually don’t mind monday. my normal monday would like.. um. hang on  a second. i haven’t had a ‘normal’ monday for a while now.

my mondays have always been different every week. what if i tell you how my ‘ideal’ monday would be like?

7am. wake up!

8am. catching a train to work. breakfast on the go- either my homemade bircher muesli (traditional oats soaked in soymilk and plain low fat yoghurt) topped with fruits OR a slice of toast and a tub of low-fat yoghurt

9am. start your work, dea! stop facebook-ing ;p

11am. a cup of tea or coffee- if i’m hungry then i’ll nibble a few crackers or celery sticks

1pm. lunch- normally whatever i cook the night before OR my lazy lunch is salad sandwich (random veggies i can find in my fridge and 2 slices of toasts)

3.30pm or 4pm. a tub of yoghurt (by this stage you might think i’m a yoghurt freak lol) OR a piece of fruit

6pm- gym time for body pump class(my favorite class!)

7.30pm- dinner- would be a tuna salad OR sometimes grilled fish, potatoes and salad.

8-8.30pm- a cup of tea and another piece of fruit. when i’m peckish- i would have biscuits, cupcakes, even another slice of bread and cheese.

10.30pm- snooze! good night world

ok. this is my ‘ideal’ monday. in reality (past few months i should say), my mondays have been crazy- either with work, research stuff, groceries shopping, etc.

so many mondays i skipped my body pump class as i was too exhausted from work.

but that’s okay- that’s my life- and things happen. what can we do?

well- for a start- it’s December so it’s summer in Australia. and it’s the season of blueberries (December-April)! so happy:) it’s time to buy fresh blueberries and if you have a big freezer- freeze them!

blueberries are high in antioxidants (anthocyanins, which also contribute to the deep blue colour of blueberries) which may assist in disease prevention and protection against the harmful effect of free radicals. on top of those, blueberries are rich in vitamins C, A and K. they are also low in calories (218kJ per 100g), which is an extra bonus if you’re trying to slim down!

some exciting research studies have also shown positive effects:

  • prevention of type II diabetes- a published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that those who ate higher levels of anthocyanins (found in blueberries) were significantly associated with a lower risk of type II diabetes
  • those who consumed blueberries before and after exercise had a significantly faster recovery from the exercise. a study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that the body’s own production of antioxidants work together with the blueberries to bounce back to pre-exercise strength. the anthocyanins also help in repairing the microtrauma caused to the muscle’s fibres from strenuous exercise.

just one tip for you before you turn away from this page- only wash them immediately before use. washing removes the protective ‘bloom’ coating and causes early spoilage.

happy monday!




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