a quick post to welcome hot days!

7 Jan

hi everyone!

how are you doing?

how are you feeling?

i hope you are feeling alright, and cool. It’s been really hot in Sydney past few days (since last friday, to be exact).

it’s not too bad today as it’s hovering around 27C.

however, the weather forecast indicates 43C tomorrow. and the UV will be extreme. it’s gonna be super hot, peeps!


in the heat of the weather- i just want to remind you a few things:

  • stay hydrated! it’s really important! drink plenty of water. if you are doing outdoor activities, re-hydrate with electrolytes containing drink. 
  • stay out of direct sun. find some shades- stay cool. if you do go out, wear a hat.
  • for beachgoers- don’t spend too much time in the sun tomorrow. the UV will be extreme and the chance of skin damage, which can lead to skin cancer, is increased. if you’re feeling too hot, find a shade and drink plenty of water.
  • don’t forget to apply sunscreen!
  • avoid running in peak heat-time (between 10am-2pm); avoid strenuous exercise– only for tomorrow! if you do exercise, again drink plenty of water and if you need to, electrolytes-containing drink.

i know these might sound ridiculous but trust me- it’s better to avoid than cure. yes?

you may want to keep a few water bottles in the fridge and maybe freeze freshly squeezed orange juice in your ice cube tray. tomorrow you’ll thank yourself 🙂

you can also freeze grapes and they make a great cooling snack for a super hot day like tomorrow 🙂

Okay i promised this will only be a quick short post 🙂 but if you want to know more to prepare for a hot day or heatwaves please head over to this website ‘Dealing with Heatwaves‘.

stay cool, stay hydrated!


Image of water bottle taken from the ‘Dealing with Heatwaves’ website.


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