tips for healthy BBQ on Australia day

23 Jan

hello everyone!

oops. shall i say G’day mate!

are you ready for the upcoming Australia Day?

wait a minute. do you know what we are celebrating on Australia Day?

i hope most of you know 🙂 if you don’t know, well, don’t worry, i’ll explain a little bit about Australia Day for you!

wallpaper6-640x480 Australia Day

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Australia Day is a celebration of a united Australian Day, which commenced within a few short years of the First Fleet landing of 1788 and subsequent white settlement of the land. The national day fall on January 26, which marked the landing of Captain Arthur Phillip at Pork Jackson present-day Sydney. Early settlers, marked this date as the anniversary of the colony’s establishment. Australia Day has evolved from a small commemorative New South Wales holiday into a major national celebration.

It is very unique and I really appreciate that Australia Day nowadays also embraces multicultural Australia, including all ethnic backgrounds, racial differences and political viewpoints. It has become a celebration of diversity and tolerance in Australian society. Isn’t it beautiful?

If you want to know more about the history, click this link.

Each year, more people celebrate this special day in a variety of ways. One of many ways to celebrate Australia day is to show our national spirit by flying Australian flag, decorating our home, dressing up or wearing Australian flag t-shirt, hat, apron or whatever we can lay our hands on to show that we are proud to call Australia home.

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If you want to celebrate Australia Day in the office, head over this website for more information!

And for more information on Australia Day events around NSW and Australia, click on this link.

alright. back to my business.

as we all already know- we almost always celebrate Australia Day with a nice BBQ with friends and family. I have healthy tips to make sure that our BBQ party serve healthy and nutritious foods and not affecting our new year resolution’s weight loss attempts.

Here are some healthy swaps ideas-

  1. Unsalted and roasted instead of salted and fried nuts.
  2. Grainy crackers, vegetable sticks (carrot/celery) with dips (tzatziki, beetroot or hummus) instead of chips and full fat cheeses.
  3. Fresh fruit on a stick instead of lollies and chocolate. make use of those beautiful summer fruits packed with nutrients!
  4. Lean chicken/beef/pork and vegetable kebabs instead of sausages
  5. Wholemeal, seeds or high fibre white instead of white bread/bread rolls.
  6. Salads with heaps of green leaves and grated vegetables made with low fat mayonaisse or vinaigrette instead of potato salads, coleslaws and Caesar salad made with full fat dressing.
  7. Limit your intake of pavlovas, cheesecakes and lamingtons particularly if you are trying to lose the holiday weight. opt for a small portions, fruits, or low fat ice creams/frozen yoghurt.
  8. Try to limit alcohol and soft drinks. opt for water, sparkling water with slices of lemon/mint leaves, diet soft drinks and light beer.

I hope they help 🙂 and if you need more healthy food ideas for the BBQ, click on this AHWW How to host a healthy BBQ to view the pdf.

Enjoy Australia day!



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