a quick catch up from me!

18 Apr

Hi everyone!

It’s been forever since I updated Grainddiction- at least that’s how long I felt. I’m sorry I’m so slow this month.

I promise it’s for good reasons!

As obvious as the title, it’s gonna be a quick update from me, what’s been happening with me this month.

Firstly, this month I am the sub editor of the month for The Scoop on Nutrition of Emma Stirling. yes that Emma Stirling! Yay- for a month I get to spend time with her, and actually learn from her how to utilize social media effectively and efficiently to spread nutrition messages. Below is a quote from Emma’s blog, The Scoop on Nutrition on Sub of the Month.

We are passionate about supporting dietitians and nutritionists to be strong communicators. Ultimately this helps our cause to see credible nutrition information in the media and online. Once a month a dietitian joins us as the guest sub editor. Usually this is final year nutrition or dietetics student, new graduate or someone with experience, but not in the digital world. The sub of the month gets their hands dirty in the newsroom, helps manage our facebook and Twitter chat and learns the ropes of blogging.

If you want to look at my bio at The Scoop, head over to Emma’s website- click this link. It will take you to my short bio 🙂

So this month, I help Emma manage her Facebook page, The Scoop On Nutrition page, together with Adelaide Giddens. Everyday, either Adelaide or myself, update The Scoop Facebook page on the latest nutrition news. Follow The Scoop on Nutrition Facebook page for an up-2-date nutrition news- and you will hear from me daily 🙂

I’m very very excited to be the sub editor of the month! I even joined my first #EatKit, monthly Twitter chat hosted by Catherine Saxelby of Foodwatch and Emma. It was really great to get in touch and hear from others and chat for an hour. Last night we talked about home-grown fruit and vegetables and urban foraging. How exciting was that!

Another exciting news is my graduation! I finally graduated, wearing the academic dress and all that, last Friday, 12/04/2013. It was such an eventful day. Graduated as Masters of Nutrition and Dietetic, from the University of Sydney. Very proud of myself 😀 a dietitian now, no longer a student!

My parents and sister flew up here from Indonesia to be with me on this special day. Below are pictures from my graduation day 🙂


me and my closest friends at uni- study partners, lunch partners, travelling partners, dancing partners- sisters! (from left: Anastasia Hourdas, Candy Lin and me) missing another friend- Michelle Ho



me and my family (from the left: my brother, my sister, mum, me and dad) missing my brother, Daniel, who is currently at Seattle

and then there is me. wearing Indonesian kebaya top and Dedittie’s sarong skirt

I want to also specially thank my family, mum, dad, brothers and sister for all the prayer and support for me, you have always been there for me- whenever I need the most.

Special thanks to my friends, Anastasia Hourdas, Candi Lin, and Michelle Ho, and all the MND 2012 girls and boy (you know who you all are!)- and lastly but not least- my special person, Pranav Gore for always always always been there for me, through my happiness and sorrow, you have always been my shoulders to cry, my ears to complain and my other hand to clap.

until next time, peeps! 


One Response to “a quick catch up from me!”

  1. Emma Stirling (@EmmaStirling) April 19, 2013 at 9:45 am #

    Congrats on your graduation Dea and thanks for all your support this month. It’s been wonderful having you as a Scoop Sub of the Month.

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