info-graphic: the complete guide to dealing with hangovers! must read!

20 Sep

dear readers,

if you have opened this article further- then you know what you wanted!

aha- yep. hangovers. the culprit. the why-the-heck-did-i-drink-those-shots-for. the i-swear-i-will-never-drink-again-phase.

and it happens to everyone. doesn’t matter who you are- a teacher or a dietitian or a corporate- the chance is that you have experienced hangover at least once in your life.

and when i stumbled upon this info-graphic, i knew i had to share it with you 🙂


infographic hangover

yep. what you should do before you head out!

infographic hangover2

and which breakfast you might want to eat the day after that crazy night!

this is not the complete info-graphic- this is just the snapshot. head over Greatist’s The Complete Guide to Dealing with Hangovers to check the complete info-graphic out!

have fun and drink wisely! ..and definitely don’t drink and drive!


all the images above were snapshots from Greatist’s article at :


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