wearing braces and hungry? not after you read this!

26 Sep

hi everyone!

this post is a special dedication for everyone with braces 🙂

i often hear people say: ‘got my braces on- and can’t eat a thing’ or ‘just got it tightened and can’t even open my mouth’

image from http://bestinvisiblealigners.com/braces-how-do-they-operate/

if that is you- i have a collection of recipes that are made with you in mind. yep! these recipes are braces-friendly 🙂

this collection was developed or compiled in the UK by British Orthodontic Society.

How I got these recipes? I can’t remember a thing.

image from http://www.oralb.com.au/topics/BracesNotJustforKidsAnymore.aspx

A healthy balanced diet is important for all of us, especially for teenagers, whose growth and development now will influence their overall health for life.

In the foreword, Juliette Reeves who is a dental hygienist and nutrition consultant said “these recipes have been put together to help ensure that the food restrictions needed whilst wearing a brace, will not affect your nutritional status,, food choice and fun whilst you are having your teeth straightened.” and I can’t agree more!

some recipes in this book include: cauliflower cheese soup, fish cakes, salmon and pea risotto, shepherd’s pie, lentil dhal, and even complete with sweet recipes such as bread and butter pudding, mango fool, cheese cake, berry compote!

have a look at the collection here Braces-friendly Recipes.

i hope you enjoy it and i hope it’s useful for you! if you do- please share it with your family and friends!

’til next time!


Now..let’s cook: brace friendly recipes. British Orthodontic Society. London, UK. http://www.bos.urg.uk


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