have you had your handful today?

3 Oct

Hi everyone!

Today, I thought I would like to share bits and pieces about almonds- and hopefully you’ll learn something new about almonds 🙂

Almonds are very good for you- they are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals that are great for your health. A handful of almonds a day (20 almonds) may reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes type II. Here are a few reasons why you should reach your share of almonds today:

 1. almonds contain healthy monounsaturated fat (66% of total fat) and they are low in saturated fat (7% of total fat)

 2. almonds are cholesterol-free. instead they contain natural plant sterols which can lower cholesterol levels by reducing cholesterol reabsorption in the intestine

 3. almonds are high in vitamin E- have your handful of almonds a day and you also get 70% of vitamin E you need in a day. vitamin E is important as it can help maintain a healthy heart- and watch out girls- they are good for your skin too!

 4. almonds are source of plant protein making them good meat alternative for vegetarians and vegans. a specific amino acid in almonds called arginine can help prevent blood clotting hence reducing your risk of heart disease

 So, a handful of almonds a day is certainly doing you good! Have you had yours today?


image from http://www.almondboard.com/CONSUMER/ALMONDLIFESTYLE/Pages/HandfulADay.aspx


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