how to make your push up even harder!

19 Mar

helllo everyoneeee!

hope you are all well~ now it’s been ages. i’m sorry for missing in action for such a long time. it has been a few things happened since then, and i just don’t think i am fully recovered yet. but i’m getting there 🙂

what can you do- you just live your life as it comes and try to put a smile on your face every single day.  ok. i’m trying to be really positive here.


i just want to quickly share with you what i came across today. as you may or may not know, i am renovating Grainddiction. i am adding a few new tabs and moving the blog posts to a separate tab. so i am on the net all the time, browsing and all. so here it goes what i stumbled upon.

it’s a few ways to make your push up harder. okay i lied. it’s actually MANY ways to make it harder. it takes some time for me to scroll down the article- so imagine how it feels to master all those variations!

it’s worth to try though. we need to change our routine every now and then. it’s good for our mind and body. and that way we can keep going with our weight loss too. it’s not unknown that after week 12 we mostly face that stagnant point- where the weight sort of stuck and not moving down. by changing our routine (diet and exercise), we can shift it again! so, do give it a try! mind you, i’m still working on the first ten and boy oh boy it is hard! be gentle though- take it easy and slowly move your way up (or in push up world, down down down).

click on this link! it’s from Greatist- if you haven’t followed them yet- do follow them! they have the most creative articles.

until next time! ciao

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