Have you had your 2 serves of fish this week?

10 Apr

Hello everyone 🙂

I’m back! Hope you all are well.

Today, I’m going to update you about fish. no- not about the fish that I have in the tank. but the fish that was on my dinner table tonight.


This post will be based on a Melbourne study, published in the Dietitians Association of Australia’s journal of Nutrient & Dietetics. see reference for the article.

The study compared two groups. one group simply ate two x 150g fresh salmon per week, and the other group took 2 fish oil capsules 6 days a week. Both group did it for 12 weeks. Both group also had wash out period, meaning they went back to their usual diet (no supplementation) before swapping across to the other treatment for a further 12 weeks.

This study’s paricipants were 11 patients with existing heart disease, and mostly working-age males with no smoking history and a moderate alcohol intake.

The researcher, Catherine Itsiopoulos concluded that fresh fish intake may have extra heart health benefits over fish oil capsules for people with heart disease. This may occur because fresh fish does not only provide us with omega-3 fats but also other nutrients like taurine and selenium. Also, by including 2x fresh fish in our weekly food intake, it reduces the chances of having less healthy foods.

Including 2 serves of fish in a week is in line with our Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines. I always recommend my clients to have at least 2 nights of fish, 2 nights of lean red meat and 1 night of vegetarian dish in their weekly diet. By doing that, it help in balancing our diet. There is no need to avoid one particular food (except if you’re allergic or intolerant to it) because every food has different characteristic that provides unique health benefit. Also, if you can’t fit in fresh fish, you can try having tinned fish (tuna, salmon, sardines) in your sandwich for lunch. Again, increases your omega 3 intake and reduces the chances of choosing less healthy foods (bacon/sausages/ham in your sandwich). I’m not saying that you can’t have them, however try to alternate your lean ham/grilled chicken sandwich with tuna sandwich. It’s about balance!

Oh my gosh, I can keep talking and talking about this all day.

Anyway, that was my update for the day. I hope you find it interesting!

Take care 🙂



Australian guidelines recommend healthy adults eat 500mg/day long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCn3PUFA), and for people with heart disease, this rises to 1,000mg/day. But the last National Nutrition Survey suggests Australians do not meet the recommended intake, with an average intake of 246mg/day.

Brazionis L, Ting E, Itsiopoulos C, Wilson A, Hodge A. The effects of fish or fish oil on the omega-3 index. Nutr Diet 2012;69:5-12.

Wiley Press Release. 2014. http://au.wiley.com/WileyCDA/PressRelease/pressReleaseId-103204.html.


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