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don’t give up.

12 Apr


hope everyone is well.

today, i want to share a little about weight loss journey.

we all have been there. we wanted to lose weight so badly and when the scale doesn’t move at all… we gets disappointed and discouraged .

i mean… many of you have succeeded to lose weight in one attempt? some people do lose the weight on their very first attempt. unfortunately the second, third…and following weight loss are not easy as the first one. but today, i just want to point out that it is okay to fail. and it is okay to try again. don’t give up. know that weight loss does not happen over night, and be aware that it does take a lot of effort, and it requires full commitment and consistency from you.


okay, the first thing i want to say is that a healthy weight loss is about 0.5-1kg loss per week. too dramatic weight loss often only leads you to weight regain. also, too fast weight loss may indicate water and muscle loss, which are not what we really want. we want fat loss, not muscle loss. we want our muscle to be present and strong to do our daily activities, and it’s getting more important as we get older, to live healthy and independent (to stay at our own house longer, and delay moving to nursing home).

a couple months ago, the Dietitians Association of Australia released If at first you don’t succeed- try, try again, say dietitians. and I can’t agree more. a new survey has shown that most Australians (25-49yo) have attempted weight loss in the past year, however only 2 out of 10 were happy with their results. women and those aged over 40 yo found it hard to be in a healthy weight range.

based on the survey, 1 in 4 adults (who tried losing weight in the past year) had tried 1 of the 9 listed popular diets (meal replacement shakes, fasting and Atkins diet)- and men and women were equally likely to have tried one of those diets. this is not surprising, really. from experience, most clients i saw have tried losing weight using those methods. and as we can see ourselves, those fad diets may work for a short period of time, however more often than not, the weight will creep back on.

so, what do we do? just like when we try to quit smoking, it is expected to be more than just one single attempt. don’t expect miracle to happen overnight. and just like that- you won’t lose weight in 1 night. so, start small. expect about 0.5-1kg of weight loss each week. and put it in perspective, start sooner than later. if you know you have wedding to attend in December, don’t wait until November to start losing weight.

a wedding/party/overseas trip may be a great motivation to lose weight, but remember, always think about all the health benefits you get from weight loss! put your health first. i think this is a very important key that people often forget. weight loss is not only about getting into a size 8 dress or to be skinny. think about it as lifestyle change. this mindset is more likely to sustain than a “diet”. you need time, consistency and perseverence in weight loss.


a healthy weight loss diet should always include all the core food groups: fruit, vegetables, breads and cereals, dairy and alternatives, and meat and alternatives. there is no need to avoid 1 particular food group because they all provide us with different health benefits.

AGHE 2013

lastly, get support. get as much support as you can, from your family and friends. support is important. speak with your local dietitian to work out a healthy, sustainable and individualized meal plan that is tailored to you. this will keep up your motivation, too!

APD Logo_PMS_348good luck!



medical check-up in our lifetime. what to do and when!

28 Oct

dear readers

hope you’re doing well. it’s almost Summer in Sydney- and the temperature has started rising significantly.

we’ve been having days of 30 degrees and above. hot.

and unfortunately the bushfire happened too. my heart goes out to all who were affected.

today i just want to quickly share with you a very nice-looking info-graphic by Greatist. you can probably tell by now that i love Greatist! they’re really creative in summarizing information. and they put it nicely in graphics too. what’s not to love?!

this time is about medical check up. what to do and when. 20s, 30s, 40s up to 70s and beyond.

ignorance is bliss. but in term of our health- there is no such thing. the earlier we know the better it is. so we can act accordingly, treat appropriately.

Get health and fitness tips at, one of the best health blogs online.

Hope you find it useful! I really did and that’s why I’m sharing it with you all. and you should share it with your loved ones too.

health is something that we only feel ourselves and we’ve got to look after too!

ciao- have a nice day!



The Greatest Team. 2011. A lifetime of medical check ups (infographic).

info-graphic: the complete guide to workout nutrition

15 Oct

dear everyone

hope everyone is doing well 🙂

i stumbled across this info-graphic from Greatist website. i love, love, love this info-graphic!

it is so easy to follow- easy to understand. stick it on your fridge (next to your meal plan- or the picture of the model you look up to lol) and you’re good to go!

i hope you enjoy this as much as i do!

Get health and fitness tips at


The Greatist Team. 2011. The complete guide to workout nutrition (infographic).

wearing braces and hungry? not after you read this!

26 Sep

hi everyone!

this post is a special dedication for everyone with braces 🙂

i often hear people say: ‘got my braces on- and can’t eat a thing’ or ‘just got it tightened and can’t even open my mouth’

image from

if that is you- i have a collection of recipes that are made with you in mind. yep! these recipes are braces-friendly 🙂

this collection was developed or compiled in the UK by British Orthodontic Society.

How I got these recipes? I can’t remember a thing.

image from

A healthy balanced diet is important for all of us, especially for teenagers, whose growth and development now will influence their overall health for life.

In the foreword, Juliette Reeves who is a dental hygienist and nutrition consultant said “these recipes have been put together to help ensure that the food restrictions needed whilst wearing a brace, will not affect your nutritional status,, food choice and fun whilst you are having your teeth straightened.” and I can’t agree more!

some recipes in this book include: cauliflower cheese soup, fish cakes, salmon and pea risotto, shepherd’s pie, lentil dhal, and even complete with sweet recipes such as bread and butter pudding, mango fool, cheese cake, berry compote!

have a look at the collection here Braces-friendly Recipes.

i hope you enjoy it and i hope it’s useful for you! if you do- please share it with your family and friends!

’til next time!


Now..let’s cook: brace friendly recipes. British Orthodontic Society. London, UK.

info-graphic: the complete guide to dealing with hangovers! must read!

20 Sep

dear readers,

if you have opened this article further- then you know what you wanted!

aha- yep. hangovers. the culprit. the why-the-heck-did-i-drink-those-shots-for. the i-swear-i-will-never-drink-again-phase.

and it happens to everyone. doesn’t matter who you are- a teacher or a dietitian or a corporate- the chance is that you have experienced hangover at least once in your life.

and when i stumbled upon this info-graphic, i knew i had to share it with you 🙂


infographic hangover

yep. what you should do before you head out!

infographic hangover2

and which breakfast you might want to eat the day after that crazy night!

this is not the complete info-graphic- this is just the snapshot. head over Greatist’s The Complete Guide to Dealing with Hangovers to check the complete info-graphic out!

have fun and drink wisely! ..and definitely don’t drink and drive!


all the images above were snapshots from Greatist’s article at :

Featured Info Graphic: Food for Your Body and Brain!

11 Sep

Hi everyone

I want to share this cool info-graphic with you.

 The Best Foods for Body and Brain

Image from

What do you think?

I think it’s a good info-graphic targeted for students. It’s easy to read and it does have a fun layout.

Nutrition is very important in your studying life. Never underestimate the value of nutrition. With the right nutrition, it certainly helps you to reach your goals.

Check out this video on how to shop smart as a student! Click:

Enjoy- and tell me what you think!

Staying healthy during Ramadan

8 Jul

Hi everyone!

How was your weekend? Hope you have had a relaxed weekend and now ready to get back to daily routine.

Today, I’m gonna share with you how to stay healthy during Ramadan!

This year, Ramadan will start tomorrow, Tuesday 9 July 2013 and will continue for 30 days until Wednesday, 7 August 2013.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, and during this month, muslims do a complete fast (no foods and fluids) from sunrise to sunset. This applies for all Muslims except: the seniors, children until the age of puberty, people with intellectual disabilities, travellers and pregnant, breastfeeding and menstruating women.

It is important to pay extra attention to your health during this period. Imagine doing all the daily work you normally do with no foods and fluids during the day. But, don’t worry- with extra attention to what we eat, we shall go through it just fine!

Images from

I am not a Muslim and therefore I am not 100% confident and equipped to give any advice to Muslims during Ramadan. Fortunately, Lina Breik, a Muslim Accredited Practising Dietitian based in Melbourne has put together nutrition advice to stay healthy during Ramadan. and yes, we can definitely trust her!

This is the link to her Healthy Habits for Ramadan.

The summary of her advice is listed below:

  1. Include low GI complex carbohydrate which are rich in fibre to keep you full for longer. This include multigrain/wholemeal bread and cereal products, basmat rice, lentils, oats.
  2. Also include a good serve of protein to sustain your energy such as lean chicken, 1-2 eggs, a handful of nuts and seeds or a cup of lentils/chickpeas
  3. Remember to apply healthy plate model guidelines during Ramadan- 1/4 plate of lean protein, 1/4 plate of low GI complex carbohydrate and 1/2 plate of vegetables.
  4. Try not to overeat at dinner time. Eat slowly and chew well to help pace yourself. Overeating may lead to indigestion and heartburn later on, that can be very uncomfortable.
  5. Include supper around 2 hours after dinner. Your healthy choice would be a tub of low fat yoghurt, 1-2 pieces of fruit, a cup of low fat milk, a handful of nuts or hummus dip and vegetable sticks.
  6. Remember to hydrate well. Lina suggested ‘drink 2 by the hour’ meaning 2 cups of water per hour so from 5pm-10pm you would have consumed 2.5L of fluid to keep you hydrated.
  7. Avoid as much as possible fried foods, salt and high salt foods that may make you feel sluggish and fatigued.

I hope you get a chance to read her article! but if you don’t, the summary above should equip you too.

Stay well! and happy Ramadan for everyone celebrating.

Image from

Until next time- ciao!


Your guide to food safety

19 Jun

Dear readers,

I know it’s been long time since I updated my blog. My deepest apology!

I have been caught up with one thing..and another.

I will be making my way back soon enough. As you probably notice, I am changing the website a tiny bit.


Today I want to share with you a great infographic by Greatist.

If you haven’t already heard about Greatist, please please please check out their website. They are fantastic- it’s all about fitness, health and happiness.

I hope you enjoy it and most importantly- find it useful. stick it on the fridge perhaps?

Get more health and fitness tips at

Until next time!

healthy picnic this weekend? yes you can!

4 Mar

hi everyone 🙂

summer had ended last week and it’s the beginning of autumn, here in Australia.

we started the season with lots of rain last weekend, but we’re hoping to see the sunshine this coming weekend. as i don’t want to miss out on this beautiful weather, i am planning to host a picnic!

if you are planning for a picnic soon, i have something that you might find useful.

healthy picnic. is it possible? yes of course!

i have a very useful resource on how to host a healthy picnic, and i would like to share it with you all.

it’s part of the Australia Healthy Weight Week in January 2013.

you can download the resource here: AHWW How to host a healthy PICNIC

so, make sure you read this information before you head to the supermarket!

hope you have a great picnic in this beautiful weather!

until next time!

tips for healthy BBQ on Australia day

23 Jan

hello everyone!

oops. shall i say G’day mate!

are you ready for the upcoming Australia Day?

wait a minute. do you know what we are celebrating on Australia Day?

i hope most of you know 🙂 if you don’t know, well, don’t worry, i’ll explain a little bit about Australia Day for you!

wallpaper6-640x480 Australia Day

Image from

Australia Day is a celebration of a united Australian Day, which commenced within a few short years of the First Fleet landing of 1788 and subsequent white settlement of the land. The national day fall on January 26, which marked the landing of Captain Arthur Phillip at Pork Jackson present-day Sydney. Early settlers, marked this date as the anniversary of the colony’s establishment. Australia Day has evolved from a small commemorative New South Wales holiday into a major national celebration.

It is very unique and I really appreciate that Australia Day nowadays also embraces multicultural Australia, including all ethnic backgrounds, racial differences and political viewpoints. It has become a celebration of diversity and tolerance in Australian society. Isn’t it beautiful?

If you want to know more about the history, click this link.

Each year, more people celebrate this special day in a variety of ways. One of many ways to celebrate Australia day is to show our national spirit by flying Australian flag, decorating our home, dressing up or wearing Australian flag t-shirt, hat, apron or whatever we can lay our hands on to show that we are proud to call Australia home.

wallpaper5-640x480  Mates on Aussie Day

Image from

If you want to celebrate Australia Day in the office, head over this website for more information!

And for more information on Australia Day events around NSW and Australia, click on this link.

alright. back to my business.

as we all already know- we almost always celebrate Australia Day with a nice BBQ with friends and family. I have healthy tips to make sure that our BBQ party serve healthy and nutritious foods and not affecting our new year resolution’s weight loss attempts.

Here are some healthy swaps ideas-

  1. Unsalted and roasted instead of salted and fried nuts.
  2. Grainy crackers, vegetable sticks (carrot/celery) with dips (tzatziki, beetroot or hummus) instead of chips and full fat cheeses.
  3. Fresh fruit on a stick instead of lollies and chocolate. make use of those beautiful summer fruits packed with nutrients!
  4. Lean chicken/beef/pork and vegetable kebabs instead of sausages
  5. Wholemeal, seeds or high fibre white instead of white bread/bread rolls.
  6. Salads with heaps of green leaves and grated vegetables made with low fat mayonaisse or vinaigrette instead of potato salads, coleslaws and Caesar salad made with full fat dressing.
  7. Limit your intake of pavlovas, cheesecakes and lamingtons particularly if you are trying to lose the holiday weight. opt for a small portions, fruits, or low fat ice creams/frozen yoghurt.
  8. Try to limit alcohol and soft drinks. opt for water, sparkling water with slices of lemon/mint leaves, diet soft drinks and light beer.

I hope they help 🙂 and if you need more healthy food ideas for the BBQ, click on this AHWW How to host a healthy BBQ to view the pdf.

Enjoy Australia day!



Australia’s Healthy Weight Week. Australia Day Healthy BBQ Swaps.

Australia’s Healthy Weight Week. Food Ideas for a Healthy BBQ.

Australia Day Council of New South Wales. Australia Day History. 2013.

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